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STAR 2018: The La Crosse Queen Riverboat


The La Crosse Queen has various trips up and down the Big Muddy and their boat landing is only about 1/4 mile walk from the Radisson hotel. 

A small group of us will be taking their "Pizza Cruise" on Friday night, June 8, departing at 5:30 and returning at 7:00.  Free pizza and even beer is included in the $19.25 fee that is just $4 more than the normal tour so I wouldn't expect gourmet pizza and craft beer; although a good friend from Tipp City might love their beer!  I just like the time and not so much their free food/drink so our plan is to walk to a normal eatery after the cruise.

You need to call for reservations and their number is 608-784-2893.

The beer is probably from the brewery that is only a few blocks from the Radisson, in downtown.  Maybe they have a pipe right to the boat to fill up before they leave the dock.  :trink39:  No transport cost.

There is also a Buffet Dinner cruise, with Grilled Shrimp & Chicken, on Friday night for $37.95, or 62 yr and older, $35.95, 7:30-9:30pm.
Neither of these will have the "lock-thru".  You would need to have the 2.5 hr or longer for the "Lock-thru", of the locks.

We have been on the dinner cruise a few times, that last being about 5 years ago.  Always enjoyable to see the bluffs from the river and watch the other boats.  Lots of pleasure craft on weekends.


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