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After STAR 18 in La Crosse Report

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We had a little rain on Monday and on Tuesday, depending on which way you rode from La Crosse, not enough to put on rain gear.  The rest of the week was great.  Thursday was great riding weather, about 65-68F most of the day.  Everyone should have all stayed an extra day to enjoy the riding.

Many people came up to Denise and I all week, and Thanked us for how great this year's STAR was and said they loved the area.  Thank you also goes to all the people that helped put this event together, especially Harry and Dianne for all the great guidance they provided.

For those that were not able to attend this year, you missed a great STAR.

If you attended, you will be receiving a questionnaire about this year's STAR.  Please answer the questionnaire and provide comments where appropriate.  Comments will help to improve next year's STAR. 

Thank you. I enjoyed it a lot! And I appreciate all the work that goes into making a STAR happen.

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You guys did a tremendous job!  Much thanks to you and all of the volunteers.

This is truly a GREAT club filled with the BEST people!

Let’s do it all again soon.


And, the winner of the raffle bike is also from Minnesota...Sherry Marsh!
Congratulations Sherry!

One of the best STARs. Got to ride lots of great roads that were new to me. Loved the hotel and seeing so many friends. Great job all!
Norm Kern


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