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After STAR 18 in La Crosse Report

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--- Quote from: RIDEMYST on June 24, 2018, 04:44:15 PM ---Yep the guys are correct. We are on the road post STAR and plan on getting home mid to late July. I then jump onto the photo editing, then burn CD’s and print the group photos for those that ordered them and get those mailed out as my top priority. After that’s complete I start my uploads to our photo site for all to see!
The group photo in particular takes some post processing as I add the event logo, text and edit to make everyone look good! ;)
Be patient it will be coming in the weeks to come.
Also watch for Nicky’s October STAReview which usually features STAR with lots of articles and pics! -JEP-

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Great! long as you are on the road having a good time, I can wait!  :D
(especially since I'm not in it.  :( )

--- Quote from: NinjaBob on June 24, 2018, 05:30:09 PM ---Marty, curious about the COG National. Lots of good reviews on the COG forum but was wondering what the attendance was.
I attended the HSTA STAR in June 1990. It was fun but many of us spent a whole lot of time in the pool or the Rio Frio!

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I like to say "They stayed away in droves.", I'm not happy about it but that's what I like to say. The heat scared most off I suspect. However, I think it might have been cooler in Kerrville than it was last year in Missouri.  I believe we had under 150, I think 137 were preregistered and we had more walk-ins than usual but I don't think we went over 150. Next year in Pennsylvania I wouldn't be surprised if they break 400 maybe even approach 500 like we had in 2014. At least next year COG has a chance of getting MSTA's tire folks (Mr. NoMar & Sue) and some double attendees since for the fist time since 2015(I forgot about the date change) 2016 the respective Nationals aren't being held on the same week. In 2019 even the MOA is cooperating by moving to early June.  I guess there isn't much chance of the MSTA and COG ever merging except as a last ditch effort to stay alive some time in the distant future, but if only they would coordinate the Nationals so they were one or two weeks apart, it sure would be nicer for us dual members. (What?..all 4-5 of us?  ;D  Probably an optimistic figure. ) 

I dunno, there were a bunch of C14s at La Crosse. (One went down! but apparently unhurt) 

I had a wonderful time, many thanks to Carl, Denise, and all the others who made it possible.

Some STAR photos have been posted in the MSTA SmugMug, including my versions of the group shots.

You're welcome Bryan.  We could not have done it without all the help and advice from many great people, especially Harry and Dianne who were always there when we had a question.
Now we can enjoy the photos that you have posted and when Jim gets home we will get a second helping of great photos.  We can relive every moment of STAR.

I want to add my thanks to the many volunteers that put in many long hours getting things organized, and helping out during the event. (Most of those who volunteer have very little if any time to ride at the events.)

It was a pleasure to sit with Carl and Denise during the banquet and hear some more about the planning and the area, as well as some great racing stories from Carl's many years of being involved in SCCA and other groups.


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