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I have not closed the survey yet, but took a quick look at the results so far.

* You guys knocked it out of the park!
143 have responded out of 230 surveys sent -  that 62% response rate is a new record.                                                         
I combine Very high and High as a measure of ‘goodness’ with regard to answers.                                                                     
As of today 96% of respondents rated La Crosse High/VH as a venue for STAR. The closest competitors were Avon, CO and Rapid City, SD – both at 89%. This is also a new record!                                                                                                             
The specific score for STAR 18 overall was fantastic 94%. This is bested by only Lexington KY for STAR13 (97%).
Many thanks are in order for the STAR18 crew – fantastic job guys!

I couldn't agree more. It was truly fantastic!  Thanks to all the volunteers and coordinators who helped with this unforgettable event!

It was a lot of hard work, and we are glad that so many enjoyed and appreciated it. 

We wish that more members would have made the trek to La Crosse to enjoy the hard work put into it this year, as well as the great riding roads.  But, we understand that not everyone can take off for a week or more, depending on where you live.

We could not have done it without all the great MSTA volunteers that helped in La Crosse. :clap:

And thanks to YOU Harry for all that you and your little helper ;) have done to keep this all organized. Not only with the registration but the after glow of STAR with the survey and such. So to Carl and Denise, Harry and Beth we really couldn't have done it without you and you deserve these high ratings.
LaCrosse was truly friendly and a little laid back (that's a good thing) and was well worth the trip.

Couldn't agree more with all the statements above. The planning was superb, and the roads & routes were just great. And just think, with all the routes planned out, I'd say most people rode 3-5 of them at most. So next time we do it in La Crosse, the routing and GPS files are already done.  :clap: :trink39: 8)


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