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So, as far as I can determine... the only things included in the basic price of admission is the Wednesday night banquet dinner and the availability of Honda demo rides.  The lunch ride, raffle tickets, T-shirts, etc are extra.  Is there ANYTHING ELSE to look forward to at this event other than heading off somewhere on your own to ride?

Free seminars on Tuesday evening.

Venders will have booths open all evenings, and some in the mornings.

Members meeting is Monday evening....please plan to attend.....and most awards will be given out then. 

Door prizes given out/picked up every day.

Main door prizes and raffle prizes given out at the Banquet on Wednesday.

Diane and Dennis have more details, but I know that they are working on setting up a Saturday evening pub crawl (transportation provided) in the downtown.  Several breweries and bars located there.

Possibly will have tours of the Bristol Motor Speedway set up for the group.  I know they offer them, but I’m not sure if we can get a group to do it, or it’s on your own.

Not sure yet what the local supporting dealer may be doing for us, but it’s not uncommon for them to do an open house for these events.

But really it IS the riding that is the MAIN attraction for most attendees, is it not? don’t have to ride “on your own”.  There is always little groups going out that can take on an extra rider.  We even have sign-up sheets so that groups can get formed easily.  We just don’t do an “everyone line up and follow the leader” HUGE GROUP rides.

Yep MSTA rallies are not your traditional biker/motorcycle rally full of 100 bike group rides. I know we've had first times show up who were surprised we don't do that.

Don't want to ride alone, use the sign up sheets, talk to others (at meals, in the parking lot in evenings, etc.) about riding and looking for others to join with. Just understand not everybody will be willing to include people in their ride, they may already have a large group or have other legitimate reasons. Don't take it personally if somebody says no, keep trying, the earlier (night before) the better.

Most things are extras rather than included in the event price because not everybody does everything. I think that is better than charging a higher price to include everything.

The best benefit of going to STAR (for me) is the camaraderie and meeting and making new friends of like mind. And there's a whole lot of people in the MSTA from Florida so you could solidify or make new connections there. For me, the other big attraction of STAR is going somewhere I don't normally ride and doing just that - plus the adventure of routing there and back. Since I live in Michigan, it's been a great trip every time I've gone (although that is only twice, VT & WI.) Come and give it a shot, I don't think you'll regret it.

The first STAR for us was in Springdale, AR a few years ago, then 2017 in Colorado Springs.  The 3rd was last year in La Crosse, as the Coordinator.  We met many new people the first year, and some we only see or talk to at STAR, some we keep in touch with through out the year.  And we enjoyed the the whole event.  We have been MSTA members since 2003 and wish we had attended long ago.  Found out what we were missing all these years.


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