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In addition to those Pat listed ( Honda, No-Mar, Klim and RKA) also:

Yuasa Motorcycle batteries
Inner vision (in helmet braking system)
Plug Up (custom audio ear plugs)

And on Saturday and/or Sunday some "local" vendors representing things to include on your rides from Bristol:
Heart of Appalachia (maps)
Iron Horse Motorcycle Resort
Wolf Creek Motorcycle rentals
Blue Ridge Motorcycle Magazine
and another Motorcycle friendly resort that I will post the name of when I locate it which might be a great lunch stop

Speakers on Tuesday evening will be

-Jon Sidel with Honda
- Blue Ridge Motorcycle Magazine

Also, in addition to the 2019 STAR
T-shirts, you can purchase a new style (not tri-fold) hat and super comfortable light weight neck wraps. Supplies are limited!


--- Quote from: DirtFlier on June 16, 2019, 04:45:14 PM ---Vendors really like it if you hang around the hotel all-day, drink beer, polish your bike, and see what they have to sell you.  Unfortunately for them, we're usually out riding so the hotel is empty during the day.  :-)

--- End quote ---
Vendors who understand our event, like No-Mar, do just fine. Those expecting a captive audience all day not so much.

But that's different from your initial "we don't have vendors". They may not be traditional vendors, just like our group rides are not traditional biker group rides (parades of 50-100 bikes or more).

Roan Mountain Rhododendron Festival

The Rhododendron should be in full bloom this weekend. However beware there will be lots of traffic and the weather is always different up on Roan Mountain.

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AH yes, recall at Tri-STAR one year heading up Roan Mountain, then back down the other side since it was raining as we ascended. Later the same day thing we doubled back that way and finally stopped to look around. The first time I stopped after going thru a few times in sketchy weather.

The rhododendron there are pretty spectacular.


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