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Calling for Volunteers!

Jim and Nancy Randall have asked me to help with a Saturday evening Poker Walk in downtown Bristol. There will be a Hotel Shuttle running every Half Hour from 5:00PM to 10:00PM. There will be 6 restaurants/Breweries/Pubs as the stops. I need 6 people or couples or small groups to man these Poker Walk Stops. You will be at a table with a deck of cards when a member with a Poker Walk sheet comes to your table they draw a card. You fill in the sheet and initial the entry.
When the participants return to the hotel they submit the completed sheet. Best hand wins a prize. Prize yet to be determined.
I have two volunteers from this post on the Facebook post so I only need two more.

If you wish to volunteer reply here or send me an email at dwbrick@gmail dot com. Or call me I’m in the Blue Book.

Dave “Brick” Brickner

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I now have 4 volunteers.

I only need two more!

It will be fun!

Let me know.


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Poker Walk Volunteers:

I have the following volunteers to work the Poker Walk Stops.

1) Michael Tissandier
2) Jay Levine
3) Bob & Wendy Burkhardt
4) Rob Bowling
5) Cliff Cool

It is my plan to be ready in the lobby of the Holiday Inn by 3:00. I will have the tools necessary to man your Poker Walk Stops. So look me up or call me at 828-448-5429. We need all volunteers to either get a ride downtown early or catch the first shuttle bus. You shift is from 5:00PM to 9:30PM.

If someone else volunteeed and I didn’t write your name down let me know. I still need one more stop covered.


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