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Hopefully the only impact for users is that users who were previously logged in permamently will have to log in again.
We have succesfully upgraded to 2.0.16 which was the necessary firts step to get to 20.0.17 which is the current most stabe version which I have been advided by the Gurus at SMF support to upgrade to.

Yesterday I sought support due to a spammer intrusion. He or she got in via Tapatalk. Due to my inept configuration of the Tapatalk mod tapatalk users could register from within the app bypassing our security. This has hopefully been fixed. Tapatalk functioning should not be altered once registered. Tapatalk users will just have to first register using the forum registration procedure.

UPDATE: Upgrade to 2.0.17 is complete. :trink39:


Thanks for all you do for us, Bob.

Now I know whey I had to re-register when I logged in today. 

Thanks for hopefully eliminating some spammers.  We don't need them.

Your work is greatly appreciated, Bob! -JEP-



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