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Restaurant Options for OUTSIDE the resort

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While the Canaan Valley Resort itself has 3 restaurant facilities within the lodge, (The main restaurant is The Hickory Room.  Next door to it is the Laural Lounge. There is also the Season's, which is primarily a quick serve ice cream/snacks kind of place.) we understand that some people may wish to sample some of the local fare and explore the area offerings.

Outside the resort there are several options within 3-9 miles away.  The links above will show you many of them.  Note also that Venus Pies is a Pizza facility that has delivery to the resort.

Larry Fine:
Well, the cabins and cottages have full kitchens, so I plan on eating in.

Thanks Pat. Looks like lots of options. I for one intend to support the local restaurants and probably the Microbrewery too.

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Larry Fine:
Is Mim's Kitchen on the itinerary?

Larry - Unfortunately Mim's kitchen is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   She is open 11am-3pm on Sunday so you might be able to stop by on your way in from OH-STOC.

John G.


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