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Big Lynn Lodge Rally 2022 - Ride Report & Video


This is my ride report from this year's Big Lynn Lodge event! Great job Dave! The event was a huge hit and like always the roads are amazing! See lots of pics and more here:



Awesome as usual.  Great job Brick!!  TM

Excellent write up and blog as usual! Thanks Jerry! I certainly appreciate all you do for the MSTA!


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I also got wanted to say that it has been my sincere pleasure hosting this event all these years. My first BLL was 2011 and felt that the time was right for me to step down and find a new event coordinator. I mentioned my desire to gain Member status while at STAR this year and after returning home I received a call from Chris Parker saying he was interested in being the new Big Lynn Lodge event coordinator.
Thank You Chris and I know you will do a great job!

Thanks to who have attended the Big Lynn Lodge event over the years. See y’all next year at BLL 2023!


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Thanks for all you've done over the years for the club Brick. Enjoy your return to member status.


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