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Hi All New here from Plant City, FL.  Look forward to meeting and riding with you all. 

Welcomes from Northern Kentucky!

Hello Mikekwon,

Welcome to MSTA. Check out the Dan Clark Safety Program on this forum.  This program is designed for our members when they purchase Safety Gear.

You can also read previous articles in the STAReview for more information.
Here is a link to the Dan Clark Safety Program information.

We hope that you made it through the hurricane mess without too many problems.

Carl & Denise Wieman

Welcome from SW Ohio. I also hope you and yours are OK after the storm. Can't be too bad if you joined an MC club and have the internet. Certainly you would higher priorities. Hope to meet you soon and ride safe. You have plenty of company in FL.     TM

Welcome from Knoxville, TN (home of STAR 2023).

Our calendar of regional events iis winding down for the 2022 season, so it's time to start planning to attend one next year. You might still make the event at TWO in a couple of weekends (maybe the closest one to you anyhow) or Texas Hill Country at the end of October. Our regional events repeat each year in specific places for a weekend of fun. Many of our regional events are located in the southeast, so they are reachable in one full day from central Florida.
STAR (Sport Touring Association Rendezvous), our national rally, moves around and is scheduled for June 10-14, 2023 in Knoxville, TN. Registration for it generally opens around the first of the new year.

The MSTA is a supporter of the Ride For Kids/RFK charity. Don't be surprised if someone asks if you'd like to make a donation to the RFK some time. Money donated to the RFK supports research to find better treatments and protocols for kids with brain tumors.

See you down the road.


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