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New from Marietta, GA

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I've ridden with members of the GA chapter several times and attended the Fall at Two Wheels event.  Finally formally joined as a member.  Most of my riding is in the North GA mountains with regular trips into NC and TN.

Current rides are a 2021 Goldwing Tour DCT and 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120.

Welcome Travman from Kentucky. Thanks for joining the club and helping to support Sport Touring. If you enjoyed the Fall at 2Wheels event (and I'm sure you did) I suggest that you check out all of the other events that we have scheduled for next year and try to make as many as you can. Our website has a listing for them here:

Lots of other great information on the website too!

Pat M

Welcome from OH-IO !    The Helen, GA is a hoot and you should check out that one in April. This past year the weather was perfect!!!

Hello Travman,

Welcome to MSTA. Check out the Dan Clark Safety Program on this forum.  This program is designed for our members when they purchase Safety Gear.

You can also read previous articles in the STAReview for more information.
Here is a link to the Dan Clark Safety Program information.
Carl & Denise Wieman
Dan Clark Safety Program Coordinators
Owatonna, MN



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