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Hi everyone.  I am Tom Repetti from NJ.  I have been friends with the West Virginia State Director, Chris Shoop, for many years.  I had never heard of the MSTA, but over the last 2 years he asked me to help him organize the Milford PA JFF event.  It was during these 2 events that I got to meet some members.

It was an easy decision at that point to join the organization (with a little 'reminding' from Chris).

I currently have only 1 bike, a 2005 Yamaha FZ6 that I bought in 2012 with 3k miles on it and is about to hit the 80k milestone. 

Anyway, looking forward to participating in some of the events and continuing to help with the Milford PA ride.

Welcome and thank you for helping Chris with that event.  I hope that you can make it to some of the other events this year and get to meet even more great MSTA people. Also, NICE BIKE!  I had a 2007 FZ6 that saw me through over 65K miles with almost 0 problems. It was a great bike.

Thanks for the welcome.  I have known Chris for years and, although I was happy to help, I have learned that resistance is futile.   :)

Resistance to FUN is indeed futile around these folks. Welcome from Ohio from a native New Jerseyian though that was so long ago I can't remember.  Hope to meet ya soon. TM

Welcome from South Florida!

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