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I small change was made to forum ads. Ads are now in one location, at the bottom of every page. Also, google ads have been totally removed, they generate zero income so aren't worth the privacy concerns. All ads are MSTA supporter's only, meaning they have either paid for the ad or made a significant contribution/donation to the club.

I have also been updating broken links as I com across them. All links to the downloadable STAReview files should work now.

A minor security update has been done to the forum as well, you should see no changes due to this update.

Michael Snyder:
Thanks for the work Jay!  You rock!

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Well done!

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Great work, Jay!  Thanks!

Jay rocking the forum again. Hey Jay, you gonna be at MPFB?? If so, I'd like to buy you a drink or your choice! I'll be in sometime Friday evening with a small group of hooligans from NE Ohio. Hope to see you there.

PS: Keep up the good work, and know your efforts are well appreciated.


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