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Can't copy and paste Word document


I tried to start a new thread by copying and pasting some text from a Word document, but the paste function didn't show up when I right-clicked in the box.  Am I doing something wrong?  It works on the other forums I visit.

Select the text you want to copy in the word document the press Ctrl + C.
Now place your cursor in the forum's text box and press Ctrl + V.

The word document's formatting may or may not transfer to the forum so edit as needed in the forum text box.

Hope that helps.

Thanks.  I couldn't remember the crtl/whatever command for pasting.  I copied this reply from a Word document, so it's working.

It may be browser dependent or some other issue that causes the Paste option not to appear when you right click in the box where you type your reply. I just tried both the quick reply or post reply and it worked for me using IE.
The control + C (copy) or + V (paste) are very good things to know since sometimes they are the only way to get that done, and are pretty univeral within Windows. I work some in a Unix environment where control-C means something else, and there I have to use shift-insert or control-shift-V to paste.


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