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What is your favorite farkle?

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Trying to generate a little discussion/activity here on the forum.

What is your favorite farkle? For your garage (please be something motorcycle related, not your table saw) ..and for each of your bikes..only one per bike please..we are talking favorites only, not a list of everything you have or plan to get. If you get something you like better, then come back and update it here with a new post. You can tell us why it's your favorite (please do) or just tell us what it is.

I'll start us (<--- notice the unwarranted optimism?) off.

Garage: Park-n-Move, I have an up hill driveway and short legs, if I couldn't turn my Concours 14 around on the Park-n-Move in the garage, I would probably have dropped it twenty times or more just trying to get out for a ride. Now I can just ride it in and then ride it out. It's also great for just moving it out of my way in the garage.

Concours 14: Air Hawk seat cushion, because without it the other farkles would be immaterial, as I couldn't ride for more than 3 hours a day on a trip. So far I've ridden 18 hours on my longest trip in a day on the Air Hawk, and my derriere wasn't anywhere near the top of the list of my many discomforts that night.  (you IBA guys 'n' gals hush, I know 18 hours is just a wink to you. I don't want to hear about it, at least not in this thread. ;D )

Patmo: many framed posters and pictures.  Brightens it up and makes it look like more than just a “garage”.

Bike(s) side cases on the FZ6.  Makes it easy to carry extra stuff, like a bottle of water or a snack, when I’m going out riding for a day or taking a weekend trip.  Lockable and waterproof, I keep them on there all the time. 

Favorite farkle on the bike? Have a number that I love but the Russell Day-Long seat would be #1.

Favorite garage thingy? If tools and machinery are out of bounds, I would say the reusable clip-on wheel weights for the FJR fill the bill.

Norm Kern

Seth Laam seat for the Concours, NoMar tire changer in the garage.

Garage: air compressor
Super Tenere: probably the Givi Trekker Outback sidecases
Street Triple: Throttle Tamer


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