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I recently picked up a 2019 DR650 and I find the suspension way too soft. I know a lot of members own DR's so I'm asking what upgrades have you done to the suspension. I'm not looking to spend the money on a tricked out shock. Was thinking more of just stiffer springs front and rear. Thanks for any feedback

I know that Cogent Dynamics has a great setup for your DR.

Great people.

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Paco Bulto:
Brick is correct. Cogent Dynamics are experts on DR650 suspension and have the parts and knowledge to help you set it up properly. I have built 2 DR650's over the last 2 years and after what I learned on the first one, upgrading the suspension front and back with Cogent's shock and their fork internals was the first thing I did with DR # 2.  Not cheap, but not terribly expensive, a bit over $1k and once you are done, you have the best and you will appreciate the improvement for as long as you have your DR650.

 I had good results with Traxion Dynamics. And they gave me a discount for being a MSTA member.

I also recommend Cogent
I have a DR650 and their suspension parts transformed the bike.


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