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Cardo Packtalk Series Battery Replacement

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Hello Fellow Riders,

If you own a Cardo Packtalk series device (Smartpack / Packtalk / Packtalk Bold / Packtalk Black) I found a very good video the you tubes that shows how to replace the battery:

Hope this is helpful,

Thanks for sharing that info. It's great to be associated with a good fellowship of riders.

There are several of us that use the Packtalk Bold series.  Thanks for sharing.

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That same UK repair shop just made another video to replace the USB port on our Packtalk series devices.

Mine is a little worn, would like to try this, don't know if my soldering skills/tools are quite there yet though.

Check it out here:

Thanks again!  So far so good with our units.  I’ve dropped a Bluetooth connection every once in a while but the intercom has been flawless.  The range is decent as well.

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