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Anyone here used Metzeler ME888 tires on a Sport-tourer or Adv-tourer?


Anyone here have any experience with Metzeler ME888 tires? I am looking for some longer lasting tires to go on my Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally(120/70-19 & 170/60-17). I’ve only had this bike for a couple of years or so and have only used Michelin tires on it.

Hmmm, Not sure of the 888's in particular, I'm assuming that is the more touring tire for heavier sport tourers.  But I have been a Metzler guy for along time. However, I have never gotten more than 8k out of the rear on my ST11's and as little as 5k depending on the riding and road conditions. I currently have Bridgestones and they are doing well, I like the feel and feedback with about 5k on them now. I tried these when the odd rear size wasn't available at that time. I hope this helps.  TM

I used to use the Metzler ME88 which was replaced years ago by the 888 on my touring bikes. I'm winding up a long trip on a set of Michelin Road 5s. They're doing ok, but they've been updated to a Road 6. And for heavier bikes, there's a Road 6 GT.

The Caponord would seem to fit the Road 6 usage. The ME888 is a serious touring tire and may not have the grip some other tires might offer. But that's always the trade-off.

A friend of mine has a Caponord, and he treats it like an adventure touring bike...with a heavy emphasis on touring. But using a 100% street oriented tire might not be a bad option.

Thanks guys. I should have added that I stay on the pavement or at least try to. I currently have a Pilot Road 4 GT on the back and a Pilot 5 Trail on the front. I don’t have any complaints with these tires but was just wondering about trying full on touring tires next. Maybe not a great idea but I’ve been known to have those.


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