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Anyone interested?


My plans are still a bit up in the air due to some health issues in the family, but I hope to make a pass up through the eastern provinces of Canada myself.

Much of my route has yet to be determined, but I hope to make it up to Radisson, QC and over to Goose Bay, LB. Along with those somewhat far flung towns, I'm looking at trying to get to the end of the Trans-Taiga Road (the most northern road in eastern Canada) and over to Cape Spear (the eastern most point in North America). I think all of those destinations will go along nicely with having been to Anchor Point, AK (the most westerly point you can drive to in North America) along with Dead Horse, AK and Inuivik, NWT (the two roads that take you across the Arctic Circle in North America).

A big chunk of these roads will be dirt/gravel, and there are several stretches where extended fuel range is required. On the Trans-Taiga Road, there is one place to get gas that is 190 miles from the end of the road. To get from that supplier/outfitter to the end and back will require a range of 380 miles (at a minimum). I'm going to guess that much of that road will be pretty much wilderness and very deserted. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot if I can figure out a way to carry enough gas. I'm close.


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We (Mark Morel and myself) have a very similar route in mind after STAR.   I don't have it GPX'd out yet, but I'll lay it down here:

Thursday June 30:  Stratton VT to Quebec. 335 miles.
Friday July 1: (This is Canada day….might want to rethink this!...probably want to stay away from big cities)…..Quebec to baie-Comeau;  257 miles. Camping:
(Also…Might want to head east before crossing ferry…check out Mingan Archipelago
 Saturday July 2: Baie-comeau to Gaspe’ (Ferry across st Lawrence) 223 miles.  Camping:

Sunday July 3: Gaspe’ to Ocean View park camping
:  388 miles
Monday July 4: Explore PEI and return to mid Nova Scotia/Halifax ---~250 miles. Possible camping:

Tuesday July 5:  Halifax to Yarmouth NS –187 miles---and Board Ferry (Not sure if this will run, or how often…or cost …. to Portland Maine.
Wednesday July 6: Portland ME to Stratton Vt…(or somewhere westerly toward home) 220 miles.
Thursday /Friday July 7/8 : Stratton Vt to home

Also, we did a lot of your route #2 etc, from Gorham NH to east of Bangor in 2014, and stopped at Lubec (The most easterly point in the USA.)   We stayed south of your western portion of Rt2 and took backroads from Ticonderoga over to Mt Washington.  Those roads were awesome, until we got close to Conway due to I think it would be worth staying off the big roads west of there. opinion.  There is a nice ferry across at Ticonderoga. On that trip we did ferry over to NFLD and to cape spear.  (Don't miss the Westbrook Pond boat ride if you get to Grose Morne park.)

We would love to tackle the TLH, but just don't have the time, with that thing called WORK always interfering with fun.

Edit:  I just looked and the ferry from Yarmouth to Portland is definitely now OPEN!

Thanks for the feed back. I do not do gravel roads and intend to leave in early June.


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