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Saturday Ride 4/10/21

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Would anyone like to meet for a Saturday ride?  We might have great weather.  Northern KY, or Cincinnati meet spot. 

Patmo: looking at the same weather forecast I’m seeing?  What I’m seeing is a 65% chance of rain on Saturday.  But if it changes, I’m in.

Pat M

Funny I was hoping to get a group together in NE Ohio Saturday, and ran into the same "not so great forecast". Will still hope it improves or maybe cut it shorter and keep it more local. Early spring and late fall are some of the most difficult to plan for, and why I've often resorted to just doing my own thing since its a much simpler plan.

Good luck.

Hmmm.  I thought I saw a scattered shower predicted, but now accuweather shows 0.32 inches of rain on Saturday.  I guess we'll see...

Larry Fine:
This may be of value to youse guys. It shows the last 1.5 hours in 15-minute increments. It does not refresh/update.


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