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Good information on the fake DOT stickers. And they probably charge more for those inferior helmets than a good helmet.

That link is posted twice. There is not a link for the Aerostich.
Aerostich is a great place to visit. We have been there 3 or 4 times and of course bought some Aerostich. They have suits hanging that were not repairable, but the person lived unharmed. Also have a Honda Ascot frame on rockers so that you can try on the suit and sit on it to see how the suit fits.
You can go to the sewing floor and see the suits being sewn.

Link to Aerostich video...

Great video of AeroStich. If you look close, you can see the brick walls of the old factory building that houses the company. Also at the end, it shows the tag that is signed by several of the people that made that suite possible, including Stephanie in Customer Care. We have dealt with her a few times and she is very helpful, whether in person or on the phone. When you walk in the door, Stephanie will probably be the person that greets you. She was very helpful when we went there after Denise won the Aerostich suit at STAR a few years ago. Being we both had jackets, she gave us each a pair of pants and some T-Shirts.

If you go to Duluth, MN and try on suits and find the size that you like, and if they don't have on hand the color combination that you would like, they will build one for you and send it to you.

Not only are these made in the USA, but, it is Duluth, MN and being across the bridge from Wisconsin, they probably have a few WI people working there.

We have had a few people tell us that they went to Duluth after STAR in La Crosse and took the tour and bought products.

Thanks Mooose for the newsletter with the videos.


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