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Roy's BBQ RTE Report


We had twenty-two bikes and twenty-five people at the Seventh Annual Roy's BBQ RTE yesterday in Hutchinson (KS.)  About one quarter of the Kansas MSTA membership turned out (along with a couple of prospects,) in addition to a cute Okie girl on a well used FZ1.  Mike, The long distance rider, came a little over six hundred miles to claim his free meal.  We had five states represented, and a good variety of bikes.  The weather held off for the lunch ride, but I think our out of state visitors got a good soaking on the way home.

BBQ at Roy's followed by pie at the Carriage Crossing in Yoder :) don't get much better than that.

Glad I was not doing an east/west route as the little bit of that about wore me out.  A few sprinkles on the way home.

Good group but sounds like the Colorado folks are still trying to get home.


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