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Fall Colors 2021

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What they said Syd...Perfect weather, a good time!



--- Quote from: Phlip on October 04, 2021, 01:56:00 PM ---My 1st MSTA event and I really enjoyed it! Nice people. Great roads, well, maybe except for that one that had square or rectangular patches over other square patches. I don't have a clue where that was at. I just followed Brick and the gang or more accurately, I followed their vapor trail.

--- End quote ---
Our local riding group, The Carolina Old Farts Sport Touring Association had 6 who wanted to attend this year’s Fall Colors. Four of us rode out Thursday 9/30 riding a curvaceous route arriving about 4:30 PM. The other two rode up on Friday.
The weather was great the roads were great and seeing all the old and new friends was f..ing awesome!
Phil was one of our group up from Western North Carolina.
On Sunday’s ride home we got some rain but we all really enjoyed the event!
Thanks Syd!


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Thanks again to Syd for coordinating this event. I believe it was my 5th time there, and loved it just like all the rest. Great roads and exceptional weather ruled the weekend. And really liked the "new" nearby dinner spot Habaneros Mexican Grill. Walking distance just like TGI Friday's - and in my opinion better (but I'm a displaced Californian of 30 years, so I'm a bit partial to Mexican cuisine.) This year's FCR was a fitting ending for my 2021 riding season - on the trip my bike alerted me that it was due for it's 6,000 mile service. This is something I usually get alerted to the following year because it's 6k or annual. I got the bike serviced and new tires before going to STAR - and now I'm due for service again, and my tires are shot. Been a great year of riding.

CORRECTION: While going through my paperwork last night, I notice the close by restaurant we usually go to is not TGI Friday's, but rather Ruby Tuesday. Didn't change anything about the trip though. Had 1,628 total miles for my trip (MI to OH to WV, then repeat in reverse order.)

Hello Folks! I'm very appreciative of all the kind comments, but most appreciative that everyone seemed to really have a good time!That's basically my main goal in coordinating this event for the last 13 to 14 years!. I am sorry to be so long in posting here,but I've been working harder than an old dude should to get my rental properties vacant , spruce them up, and get them sold. The real estate market is the best in my lifetime, and I'm just plain tired of dealing in rental property!!! After I finish this post, I'll be going to a house that I just received a call about, where there's evidently a leak in the ceiling from one of the water lines. I don't mean to b&m, just letting you know where I'm coming from. I've spoken to Chris Shoop, who will be running a Canaan Valley event next year, and he's interested in taking over Fall Colors. If this comes to pass, I will be working with him as long as he wants me. I owe him an apology, as well as the Starreview folks, for whom I'm supposed to write an article about Fall Colors. I will try to catch up on my homework with Chris, as well as the article. If any of you have pictures from this years event, I'd appreciate your sending me some. Please make plans to come back to Fall Colors in '22, and I'll pray for the same weather!! Thank you again, Syd

doug mcpeek:
Best of luck, Syd!  Thank you for all you've done right back to your rescue of the event by finding a new venue on short notice.  I'm still grateful for that.  Well done and I hope to see you again soon.


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