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AirBag Jackets


Does anyone have and/or use a inflatable jacket?
Does it work?
How much bigger size outer gear do you need to fit an airbag liner inside?
Are there deals with any MSTA friendly business's?
Is there such a thing as water proof inflatable jackets?
Any thoughts are welcome.

I have the Klim airbag vest found here:


You would probably want to go up one size on your jacket; it bulks up a lot when it inflates, and it would probably damage your jacket unless the jacket was very loose. It includes back protection, so you should take the back protector out of your jacket. I do not believe it is waterproof. The collar inflates enough to hold your helmet in place, so it provides neck protection too.

This model uses GPS and an accelerometer to decide when to trigger.  It links to your phone via BlueTooth and uses that and WiFi to receive software updates, and to report data back on the details of a deployment. This leads to continuing refinement of the algorithms to improve correct deployments.

It does block some airflow, but not as much as I expected.  I wear it all summer under my mesh jacket and I get by.

If you'll be at the Fly-By Thu-Sun, I'll be happy to show it to you.


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