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--- Quote from: brider on October 01, 2017, 08:49:40 PM ---Campbell and I found a very challenging unmaintained road that climbed from near Thurmond to the top of the mountain and came out on 41.  It was barely 2 track and seemed like 10 miles but was probably more like 5!  All told we rode maybe 70-80 miles of gravel plus maybe 100 of twisty pavement.  We will be back for more of the same but of course neither of us were taking pictures. 

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Was it the same road he and I were on last year on our Z125's?

Yes it was. Lucky we turned back on the Z125's, they would of never made it. The road was not easy on a dirt bike.


--- Quote from: HawkGTRider on November 22, 2017, 10:10:10 AM ---I like those 4 pictures. The first looks like a pleasant gravel road. The second a somewhat rutted road requiring careful positioning choices. The 3rd is a muddy morass. The 4th doesn't look much like a road at all to me.

But that's the way it works. You start out on a decent road and it degrades a little. The next thing you know you're somewhere you might not have gone had it looked that way at the start.

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Yeah, the dual sport/adventure fun is that the terrain changes quickly!  Lots of fun! Or lots of pain! 

Heading out Sunday to ride some of these same trails on my new Husqvarna Enduro 701!


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