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Amazing scenery. That looked like a ton of fun. Always nice to capture experiences like those.

Paco Bulto:
Looks like fun, but I get a 404 when clicking on the photos.


--- Quote from: Paco Bulto on October 01, 2017, 01:29:52 PM ---Looks like fun, but I get a 404 when clicking on the photos.

--- End quote ---
If you post to the MSTA photo gallery that won't happen! ;) -JEP-

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Campbell and I found a very challenging unmaintained road that climbed from near Thurmond to the top of the mountain and came out on 41.  It was barely 2 track and seemed like 10 miles but was probably more like 5!  All told we rode maybe 70-80 miles of gravel plus maybe 100 of twisty pavement.  We will be back for more of the same but of course neither of us were taking pictures. 

I like those 4 pictures. The first looks like a pleasant gravel road. The second a somewhat rutted road requiring careful positioning choices. The 3rd is a muddy morass. The 4th doesn't look much like a road at all to me.

But that's the way it works. You start out on a decent road and it degrades a little. The next thing you know you're somewhere you might not have gone had it looked that way at the start.


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