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As you can see the forum is back up. We have lost our many customisations (mods) but I think we have not lost any threads or users. :clap:  Many thanks to the helpful folks at SMF support forum: Arantor, Sir Osis of Liver and Steve.

I will start trying to re-install mods as time permits.

Update. Within 10 minutes of the forum going back up 3 spammers had joined and spammed us. I spotted them because I was checking to make sure recent registrants were present and these 3 were at the top of the list. Bots probably. I zapped em and their spam. However to stop this I have changed registration from open to requires admin approval. 30 minutes later there were 12 more waiting approval. Apparently one of the mods we lost was an anti spam mod. I will look for it and install. But be forewarned, until further notice new registrations will require admin approval.

Great job Bob!

Whew! I guess the ban Brick mod is not working yet!
Great job Bob! See... U still Da-Man!

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Great job Bob!  :-)

Thanks for fixing it, Bob!


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