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Tom was certainly one of a kind. I’ve missed him since he dropped out of the MSTA years ago.


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One of my favorite photos of Tom….taken at STAR 2013 in Lexington, Ky

My favorite story of Tom is…. Well Tom sent a pair of motorcycle wheels off to be chromed and the wheels came back while Tom was off on a ride. So his wife Opal was asked to pay for them and she did but complained about having to pay so much. Little did she know but she only paid for the return shipping not the chrome ing and all.

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Many if us could tell a few Tom B. stories. Legend has it that Tom was quite a hare scrambles racer long before any of us met him. If you were to fall down in front of him, he didn't have much sympathy, he just use you for traction and moved on!!

On one occasion he stopped by my house to bring me something, likely bike parts. I wasn't home but one of my sons was. He told Tom that I wasn't home and his reply was " I don't give a shit!! I'm just dropping off this stuff."  My son laughed until his sides hurt and still tells that little story.

He had a softer side sometimes, didn't want to show it too often.  I think he grew to love this club and did many things for it. He was the raffle coordinator for 10 years, longer than any one I know of.  He did it for the club and the members he enjoyed so much.
Rest In Peace old friend,  we'll see ya down the road. TM

Wow sorry to hear about Tom's passing. I didn't know him well, but socialized with some of our CLE area members who did know him well (RIP Roger Batistelli), and recall having dinner with him one time at STAR. A very interesting person who was eager to share many things with you.

I too missed his presence after he no longer was coming around as a member. I recall running into him once after that (AIMExpo in Columbus maybe) and he was the same old I remember. A bit gruff but hilarious.



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