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Bike Storage at STAR 2104
« on: May 19, 2014, 07:12:43 PM »
We have been members of MSTA for years, but we are new to the real MSTA.  (sport trailering association)  We are planning to tow a bike to STAR for the first time.  I am assuming that stashing a bike and trailer at the host hotel or nearby will not be a problem during the event, but what about before and after.  We are planning a car trip of a couple of weeks.  I don't wish to tow the motorcycle all over the American west when it will only be ridden at STAR.  We are open to any suggestions.  A lease on a U store it unit is probably at least a month duration and seems an expensive option.  Would any local members near Rapid City care to stash an itty bitty motorcycle for a few days?  I also wonder if our supporting dealer might be willing or able to store a bike and trailer for a bit of compensation.   If there would even be somewhere secure to stash the bike and trailer that was within 600 miles or so of Rapid City that would work. 

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Re: Bike Storage at STAR 2104
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2014, 01:18:22 PM »
First off, yes having your vehicle and trailer at the event should be no problem and is pretty common at many STAR and even regional events. Some times trailer parking is off site, sometimes its in the hotel lot. In almost all cases having your tow vehicle and bikes at the hotel is done.
I would start with talking to the folks at the hotel. When I called to register I asked about leaving a vehicle (and trailer but not bikes) there while we took off riding for a week or so. I explained we would be back for another night stay before we leave. (That always seems to help when I or others I've talked to have done this, more revenue for them later gives them incentive to agree.) We do still plan to do this, if not we'll be looking at other options. I plan to talk to them again when I arrive and make sure we iron out any details.
I've done this twice for STAR, in Taos NM in 2010, and in Avon CO for 2012. (Avon is a bit of a special case as we've been at that site many times and a former member used to be the manager so we get treated well.)
It is not uncommon when a rally is out west for a few people do do something like this (leaving tow vehicle and trailer behind). I'm not sure if the club has ever worked out much of this in advance other than trailer storage during the event.
PS  I am speaking from personal experience, not gauranteeing anything or speaking for the club agreement with our host hotel.
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