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Route Suggestions for MO, KY or OH

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A couple of us here in TX are planning a fall trip to some of the areas I have not spent much time riding. If anyone has any suggestions as to specific roads, routes or general areas in MO, KY or OH, please share so that I can try to plan in Base Camp a 7-10 day trip. Planning to go in Sept when we hope temps will be a little cooler. Thanks for any input.

doug mcpeek:
In Ohio the best roads are generally south and east of I-71, and there are many fun roads.  Any route that goes uphill away from the Ohio River toward the interior of the state is a good bet, especially the triple digit roads like 763, 775, 555, 260, etc...  Two digit roads like 41, 78, etc are usually less twisty but still very good.  Clusters of great riding can be found around Hocking Hills State Park near Logan or in Amish country near Dover, but perhaps the best is around Marietta in the southeast.  I'd be glad to help you narrow it down a bit when your plans are taking shape.  Are there any kinds of sights you want to see along the way?

Plan on visiting the Mail Pouch FlyBy in late August. Norm Kern and predecessors have many many fantastic routes laid out from Marietta, OH.

I'll bet there are somewhat interesting roads in many parts of Kentucky. But for my money, pretty much anything on the eastern side of the state will be your best bet. The border between Kentucky and Virginia is a gem. Our national rally was based in Lexington in 2005 and 2013. We might go somewhere once just to be different, but we don't go back a second time (or more) if it's not really good.

We have an event called the Bull Shoals Rally in September. This is one of our longest standing events. Please refer back one paragraph in regards to returning somewhere. This is a fun place.

The roads in western KY, anywhere west of I65, are pretty much meh.  From central Ky over to WV you will find wonderful roads and very little traffic. I would be happy to share routes with you.  I host an MSTA rally located in Mt. Sterling, Ky, which is about 30 miles east of Lexington, and have several 200-300 routes out of there. We have also hosted it in Georgetown, Ky and Middlesboro, Ky. and have some routes out of those locations too.

Larry Fine:
Don't rule out W. Va. We (ST Owners) will be staying at Canaan Valley for WV-STOC 9 from Sep. 29 through Oct. 3. It's a great base camp. Let me know if you want more info.


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