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Adventure Riding at STAR 16

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Unless you were dual sporting at STAR (or maybe got lost) you would not have encountered the 2016 Rainbow Gathering.It was up on FR10 on Mt Tabor. We were and we did. This was my second exposure to this interesting group as their gathering was close by in the Cherokee NF a couple of years ago and I rode into their midst then too. It's like a throwback to 1968. The most appropriate thing I can say is a quote from back in the day, Far out, man!

There are many, MANY unpaved roads in Vermont - great place for an Adventure bike. We had a great time even though we got the Tiger 800 in a bit too deep a couple of times. But in the end it was all good - no serious injuries to man or machine. For those interested there is the GPS Visualizer link for out DS/Adventure routes by day. Best viewed using the Google Terrain background I think -  Adventure Routes by Day


Let's Ride!

Helmet Photos from DS at 2016 STAR.


Enjoyed the pictures Galen, thanks for the link....

We saw some guy dressed in all black, looked like a bear or some sort of angel of death, walking along VT100 not far from the hotel on a short loop ride on Sunday. Freaked us out big time. We were along the forest near Weston/Londonderry which Google maps shows is not far off the Mt. Tabor area. Maybe he was on his way to/from the gathering, pretty strange.
But then people think we're strange too.   ;)


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