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FlyBy Week Registration is Open! Feb 1


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Website has some updates too. Check it out at

MSTA FlyBy Week
August 19-25, 2019
Marietta, Ohio

I wasn't sure there was a way to use the $10 off coupon with online registration, maybe it was going to ask me for that when I got further into the payment process. (I know the card has a code to us when registering online but wasn't sure where that comes in.) I originally selected Credit Card or Paypal option, then changed to pay at the event where I'll use the card and pay the balance in cash.


Turn in the Discount Card when you check in at FlyBy Week and get $10 cash.  (I don't get reimbursed for the discount cards until I send in the physical card.) Keeps it simple.

Likewise, if you are eligible for a sustaining member discount, show your sustaining member membership card and you will be reimbursed.

Norm Kern

I just registered for the MPFB and will be bringing my $10.00 card. Also I am a Sustaining member I didn't see a place for Sustaining and Life members to get the discount??
I didn't check eat downtown Wednesday because I didn't think I would get there in time.
See Ya' Wednesday.


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