North Carolina Big Lynn Lodge Routes

Doug Pippin has created a collection of routes for the rally that include some of the best in the entire MSTA collection. Check them out below

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All Routes PDF format 

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Navigation difficulty: AVERAGE
Distance: 207 miles
Lunch Stop: Mattie's Place, Burkes Garden, Virginia
Direction from Sparta: N COUNTERCLOCKWISE
Comments: The route starts out East from Sparta for a few miles onto some beautiful technical county roads before taking you back to US21 where you go North to Speedwell and on to Burkes Garden. Along the morning leg of the route you'll pick up US52 to Big Walker Lookout where you can enjoy beautiful valley views and climb the old fire tower. After crossing the Appalachian Trail, you head West on route 614, a beautiful twisty technical ride to route 61 and Burkes Garden road, another twisty delight.
In Burkes Garden, this year's lunch stop is at Mattie's Place where you can order all kinds of sandwiches on fresh homemade breads. (The sourdough is wonderful) After lunch you can do a loop around Burkes garden to see nice Amish farms and rural life. 
After Burkes Garden, the route heads West through Tazewell for a run down BF Buchanan highway route 16 to Sugar Grove where you pick up Flat Ridge road for many miles of technical fun. Near Mouth of Wilson you pick up route 93 and follow back to Sparta

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