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Entry-Apex-Exit Points – Issue 3308

Nick Zarras | STAReview Managing EditorNick Zarras | STAReview Managing Editor

Chillin’ out. For most of us it is getting on the motorcycle in open countryside and letting the flow take us. Little traffic and a load of bikes in front of you set the stage for a lovely memorable backdrop for the day. But chillin’ out also implies you are relaxed or in the zone. For a new rider on a new bike, being relaxed tends not to be the norm. It comes with training, confidence and letting your body set the speed you are comfortable with. When I did a MAP (Member Assistance Program) I always checked behind to insure my speed was in the Continue reading Entry-Apex-Exit Points – Issue 3308

View from the Top – Issue 3308

Dennis Villarose - MSTA PresidentDennis Villarose | MSTA President

I would like to inform the membership of some changes on the EC and on the National level. Jay Campbell has stepped down as an EC member, Jay will continue as our administrator for the Website and Forum. Harry Hemstreet our STAR administrator has joined us on the EC as EC Member at Large. Thank You Jay and Harry for your continued efforts to make our organization a first-class riding club.

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