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EBR 1190RX

Nick Zarras | Managing Editor

Eric Buell is a legend in the American motorcycle community. He started out in 1983 when he built the RW750, a race bike for the AMA Formula One series. He is best known for his work with Harley-Davidson (H-D) to create the S2 Thunderbolt in 1994 and subsequent S1 Lightning, Firebolt XB9R, and 1125 R. The Buell 1125R was used for professional racing. He lost H-D support in 2009. But Eric Buell was always a racer first and went into high gear to prove he could produce a world class sport motorcycle. In June 2011 Eric Buell Racing unveiled their first production motorcycle, the 1190S. Production was limited to 100 units, with a 2012 release date. The price tag was $43,000. It was created to showcase his talent and to create a homologated special so he could race. His team has competed in the AMA Superbike Championship since 2011 with the 1190RR and 1190RS. The well known racers on his team are Aaron Yates, Mike Baldwin, Larry Pegram, Cory West, Danny Eslick and Geoff May. EBR’s Larry Pegram became the first American OEM racer to earn World Superbike (WSBK) points at Laguna Seca. EBR’s string of track successes, in the American OEM category, reinforced Eric Buell’s credentials and worldwide credibility. India’s Hero Motors entered the picture with 25 million in cash to purchase a 49.2% stake in EBR. The EBR1190RS was at an upper echelon price point but Eric Buell wanted a sport bike for the masses, so he tasked Tony Stefanelli, Product Development Director to run with it. On October 17, 2013, Eric Buell unveiled the EBR 1190RX, his mainstream affordable sport bike.

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