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Ann Redner | MSTA Vice President

Work on the new Gearbox is progressing, but not without challenges. While making earnest efforts to offer quality merchandise at low cost to you, Our current challenge is finding a simple, credit card based online storefront with extremely low monthly fees, such as …FREE? Okay, probably too much to ask, but we’d LOVE to find a solution costing somewhere between FREE and $10 per month. Do you have an idea? If so, please contact Gearbox Boss, Carol Freshour at c2freshour@gmail.com. Many thanks.

There have been some GREAT articles within these pages lately! Just a reminder to put your motorcycling experiences into words and spread the (moto) love via the STAReview! We tend to make Editor, Nick Zarras, work double time writing reviews and articles to fill our pages (thank you, Nick) … but let’s give him a break by submitting your stories and hi-res photos. Submit your material to Nick at: editor@ridemsta.com. Thanks, everyone!

You can always send me your comments, ideas and solutions at vicepresident@RideMSTA.com.

See you on the road—Ann

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