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I'm getting my mc heaven set up pretty well. It's not like Tom Bartel's Garagemahall but it all mine.
What does yours look like?

Mine is packed so tight you cant even turn around in there.  Please buy my Vstrom!

No thank you... Sorry.

--- Quote from: qman8 on March 18, 2016, 07:35:48 AM ---Mine is packed so tight you cant even turn around in there.  Please buy my Vstrom!

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--- Quote from: Brick on March 17, 2016, 05:46:29 PM ---

I'm getting my mc heaven set up pretty well.

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Very nice Brick! Heated and cooled it appears..and a sofa too....sweet! Dang, is that a bathroom in the corner? (<--green with envy emoticon goes here)
 It appears to be in a basement with an outside door?

Good timing on this post, I've recently started cleaning and reorganizing mine (garage, not basement, I'm in Texas where basements are rare). It's a long process when I've neglected it for so long. Other than openning it up to cram more stuff in it then quickly shutting the door before it all falls on me, I haven't given it much attention.  ::)

--- Quote from: Brick on March 17, 2016, 05:46:29 PM ---What does yours look like?

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 I'll eventually post some photos here but not until after the TV is installed. Don't expect to see a sofa in mine. I'd love to put a skinny recliner in it or even just a tilting office chair, but I'll be lucky if I can get a shop stool in.  :(

--- Quote from: qman8 on March 18, 2016, 07:35:48 AM ---Mine is packed so tight you can't even turn around in there. 

--- End quote ---
Yep, that's exactly where I was. I can turn around in mine now, but each time I tackle a section it's like taking 3 steps backward to get that 4th step forward. That's the way it goes when you have a 2.25 car garage and you need it to do almost every thing: motorcycle storage; marginal limited wood shop; marginal limited metal shop; tool storage; household storage; occasional 4 wheel vehicle intrusion just for repair out of the rain; and man cave duty. I wouldn't have a chance at this if I didn't have a back yard storage building for mowers and rakes 'n' such. Pretty much decided that everything  is going to need wheels or castors installed (motorcycles all on dollies) or it just isn't going to work. I read the magazines and the Pinterest website for ideas and it depresses me that they always start off with storage ideas above the garage doors. I've only got 8' ceilings in my garage so not much is going in that area, maybe some light fixtures and long skinny stuff might fit up there. Darn, how I do so covet those garages with 10'-12' ceilings. Eventual plan is to build a small  3'X5' building/shed in the back yard right up near the garage for a dust collector and air compressor install to get the noise and dust and needed footprint out of the garage. If I was a billionaire I'd have two garage shops, one would be the garagemahal type with large open well lit polished floor spaces in between vehicles, and lighted collectible gas pump globes and signs all over the clean walls. The second one would be packed to the gills with stuff, sort of a 15 lbs of..$#! a 5lb bag motif and yet organized so it was all accessible. The second one would be my favorite. I'm not a billionaire, but maybe I can get a smaller version of the second garage anyway?.  ;D  Oh golly gosh, the motorcycle lift is on sale again at H.F. ...just where would I put that if I was to...

fyi: You did know that there is a forum for this right?

.....yes, of course you did,... but did you know there is a 63 page section just for motorcycle garages started by our own tex929rr (aka Joe Paolilli and a slightly different username of tez929rr on that forum)? The thread has been around for 6 1/2 years so of course there are some busted photo links, but it's still a very nice thread.
Joe and Michelle were also kind enough to host an ice cream social in their garage/shop/lego village display for the MSTA Texas Hill Country Rally so I was fortunate enough to see it personally.
  Shout-out: ----> Thanks again Joe and Michelle!..very nice of you both!

Whoa... I didn't know about the garage journal forum... I'll be checking that out. Thanks.
You asked about doors to the outside... Yes.

Oh I've been to Joe and Michell's garage... It has to be at the very top of all garages! But then it's in Texas and everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas. Right?!?!


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