Craft Breweries & Local Restaurants

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  • Abridged Brewing Company World Headquarters 0.5 mi
    320 N Peters Rd 865-281-5449 
  • Altruda’s Italian Restaurant 0.9 mi
    125 N Peters Rd 865-690-6144  
  • Aubrey’s 1.8 mi
    9208 Middlebrook Pike 865-691-0504
  • Bonefish Grill 5.2 mi
    11390 Parkside Dr 865-966-9777 
  • Calhoun’s * 2.8 mi
    10020 Kingston Pike 865-673-3444
  • Calhoun’s * 5.3 mi
    624 Turkey Cove Ln 865-288-1600 
  • Carolina Ale House 1.0 mi
    9045 Kingston Pike 865-690-7800
  • Chesapeake’s * 1.5 mi 
    9630 Parkside Dr 865-851-9088 
  • Connors Steak & Seafood 4.6 mi
    10915 Turkey Dr 865-966-0933 
  • Copper Cellar * 4.0 mi
    7316 Kingston Pike 865-673-3422 
  • Corner 16 * 3.3 mi
    1640 Bob Kirby Rd 865-801-9101 
  • Crafty Bastard Brewery West 2.9 mi
    9937 Kingston Pike 865-770-8743
  • Daddy Mac’s Down Home Dive 5.7 mi
    11335 Campbell Lakes Dr 865-288-0088 
  • Lakeside Tavern 8.0 mi
    10911 Concord Park Dr 865-671-2980
  • Orange Hat Brewing Company 4.8 mi
    10246 Hardin Valley Rd 865-240-3884 
  • Parkside Grill 0.9 mi
    338 N Peters Rd 865-862-5358 
  • Smoky Mountain Brewery * 5.3 mi
    11308 Parkside Dr 865-288-5500 
  • Stefanos Pizza 5.9 mi
    10573 Hardin Valley Rd 865-249-6709 
  • Tennessee Tap House 1.2 mi
    350 N Peters Rd 865-394-9425 
  • The Chop House 2.4 mi
    9700 Kingston Pike 865-531-2467
  • Water Into Wine Bistro 5.8 mi
    607 N Campbell Station Rd 865-392-1586 
  • Yassin’s Falafel House (no alcohol) 1.2 mi
    159 N Peters Rd 865-247-7567 
    *Copper Kettle Family: serves the same craft beers 

Downtown Beer & Wine Tours

These links are commercial entities that conduct beer & wine tours. Participants would still need to find their way downtown and then pay for the guidance and ride:

  • The West Knox BREW BUS Tour
    Our West Knox BREW BUS Tour takes you to some of our newest breweries in Knoxville with a wide variety of beverages to taste! This 3.5 hour, 4 brewery tour guides you through the brewing process of not just beer but also kombucha and wine/beer hybrids, introduces you to each brewery’s unique history and culture, all while tasting 12 different fermented beverages! Snacks, tunes, and trivia are provided during transit. Hop aboard our BREW BUS and experience the broad and beautiful world of fermentation culture with us!
  • Wine and Moonshine Tour
    This trip tour will take you 30 miles SE of Knoxville to the picturesque town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. With this 4 hour tour, you’ll enjoy 2 wineries and 2 distilleries. Each of our partner establishments have friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help guide you from White Lightning to Muscadine, no matter your experience level. With deep roots in the mountains of East Tennessee, we know for a fact that you’ll enjoy the personalized experience you’ll receive at each of our partner establishments.
  • Taste of Knoxville Brew Hop
    Brew Bus Knoxville is a hop-on, hop-off brewery transportation service serving the Knoxville area. We offer a public route between select breweries on an hourly rotation schedule. We recommend reserving a seat as capacity is first come, first serve. 
  • Evening Wine Tour
    This best in class wine tour will take you around Pigeon Forge to three unique wineries, each specializing in their own flavors. From apple based to traditional grape bases, this tour has it ALL! The knowledgeable staff at each location will guide your taste buds through a journey of flavor and craftsmanship. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • Prison Tour at Brushy Mountain 
    Brushy Mountain was the last place you wanted to find yourself – right in the middle of Tennessee’s first maximum-security prison holding the state’s most violent and hardened criminals. This small group tour will take you 40 miles NW of Knoxville, deep into the hills of East Tennessee – not only place you’d never want to wind up alone, but certainly not a place you’d want to spend your final days. Fortunately you will be able to enjoy a guided tour of the maximum security prison by a former inmate or prison guard, followed by private tour and tasting at the Brushy Mountain Distillery, with lunch at the Warden’s Table. Have you ever tried moonshine direct from the still itself? Specific to Brew Bus riders, you’ll be given “Bootlegger’s Access” to the distillery at the End of the Line Moonshine still.
  • Downtown Knoxville Trolley Pub Tour
    Trolley Pub operates tours in downtown Knoxville, and riders can choose 2-3 stops during their tour at breweries, pubs, and restaurants. Experience the city in the open air, enjoy your favorite beverage and has room to fit all your friends, family and colleagues! All tours are two hours long, and you can pack your own cooler with beer and wine (3 beverages per passenger).

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