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Summer Heat!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ultimately, the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers is their own responsibility. Nothing presented in the column supersedes, negates or relieves a motorcyclist and/or passenger from assumption of personal responsibility for their actions and safety.

It’s that time of year again. Becky and I rode back yesterday from the Riding Into History vintage bike gathering in St Augustine. On the way home, the ambient temperature readout on Becky’s new VFR1200FD told her it hit 95 degrees as we rode through the Ocala forest. Our trip home was 4 hours in the Florida heat.

Every year starting about this time and for the next 4-5 months, all of us in Flatistan (central and south Florida) face this same challenge…the heat.

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Travel Planning

By Jim Park

It’s that time of year again. The ice and snow have gone away up north, the trees and plants are starting to green and kids are getting out of schools for their summer break. In other words, it’s time to ride!

Pre-planning is key to a great road trip. Granted, some of the best rides have been when you were lost, but spending a couple of weeks “lost” will get old real fast and you may miss the good stuff. Knowing in advance where the great roads and sights along the way are located will greatly enhance any road trip, especially if you have limited time.

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Florida News – May 2015

South Directors Report

Hey, If You Don’t Try It….

Photos by Jim Park
Photos by Jim Park

flmay201545 flmay201546 flmay201547We had another great month of Florida events!! The Central RTE went to Country Angels Restaurant in Polk City! I heard good things, and you’ll read all about a little later!!

We followed that up with a special event that tied into the world class Barrett-Jackson auction held at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. The plan was to enjoy the event at your own pace, meet up for lunch and then kick some more tires!!

We had four of us meet up for breakfast, hit the gates just after they opened and took in the event 1-2-3!! I decided to sign up for the free thrill ride in the new generation 5 Dodge Viper – long wait, but a real kick in the ass!! By the time I jumped out of the seat, our group had had their fill and departed.

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