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Glens, Lochs and Black Puddin’

By Ann Redner, MSTA Vice President
Excerpt from STAReview 3501

BaseIt’s black because sheep’s blood mixed with barley and oats turns black when it’s boiled. And there it was on my plate: the infamous black pudding. Accompanied with eggs, haggis, sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage, baked beans and toast, it makes a proper northern UK brekky (breakfast)—one that I’d enjoy more than once while on this land…

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Winter Riding

Doug Westly | Safety EditorIMPORTANT NOTICE: Ultimately, the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers is their own responsibility. Nothing presented in the column supersedes, negates or relieves a motorcyclist and/or passenger from assumption of personal responsibility for their actions and safety.

Doug Westly | Safety Editor

“Wait a minute,” you’re thinking! How is it that a guy in Florida is going to talk to the rest of us about winter riding? Well, I do have some bona fides:

I lived in Montana for 2 ½ years, riding there all year, at least when the roads allowed. I commuted on my bike for 5 years, year round, in Washington, DC. If there wasn’t ice on the roads, I rode to and from work, 50+ miles each way, every day. I lived in Alaska for two years and managed at least 6 months of riding up there on my 1980 CB750F. Oh, and in the middle of Dec 2013 I was up at Big Bear Lake, CA, above 7,000 feet, riding past the open ski resorts. We did have to be careful in the hairpin turns, as the ones in the shadows still had ice on them! So I do know a little bit about riding when it is cold. I’ve been on two wheels at 5 degrees F (that’s before the wind chill is factored in…). Anyway, bona fides established. Let’s talk cold weather riding!

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