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The Experience of a Track Day

Michael Snyder | Texas

As MSTA members we all have one thing in common; we love to ride. Riding however can be categorized into several different facets of our lives. Some tour many miles a year, some ride on weekends and others ride to events. Then there is the small portion of us that thoroughly enjoy the adrenaline rush, sounds and smells of the track. There is just something that gets your blood moving early on a Saturday or Sunday when that first bike starts up and you think to yourself “Here we go.” While I have done a track day here and there since 2008 the last couple of years I find myself yearning for the sounds, smells and culture almost constantly. About a week out from any planned event I find myself thinking back to the last event and running the laps in my head searching for something I can do better. I watch my videos looking for proper body position, gear selection or line around the corners playing them over and over to find that one or two things that I missed the first time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the fastest nor the smoothest nor do I have great body position, but something I do have is drive and passion to improve my riding. Each time I go on track, I work on technique and becoming a better rider not only on the track but also on the street. I am a firm believer that the laps one does on the track relate directly to the miles one rides on public roads. I am a safer rider on the street because of my experiences on the track.

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